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ReadItSwapIt 'Problem With a Swap' Policy

Problems with swaps are very rare, but can occasionally happen. If your book doesn't arrive within 7 days, contact the person you've agreed to swap with to double-check they've sent it. Royal Mail say you should allow a maximum of 10 working days for delivery, so please be polite, it may not be their fault. You can get the person's email address by going to your My Swaps page and clicking 'I'm having problems with this swap'.

Please bear in mind when chasing swaps that sometimes people have good reasons for being late swapping - illness can prevent people from getting to the postbox!

However if you find you cannot post your book within 1-2 days, to maintain a good rating please let the other user know what is going on by clicking on 'There is a problem with this swap' on your My Swaps page.

Being punctual with your swaps is what makes people Super Swappers. We would like to encourage you to de-grade your feedback if your swap does not arrive promptly and you do not feel you are informed early on about the reason for the delay, or there wasn't a justifiable reason. Please detail what happened in the feedback comments box so that other users can learn from your experience.