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Other FAQs

How can I show my support for ReadItSwapIt?

Why doesn't ReadItSwapIt have a credit system?

What impact does ReadItSwapIt have on authors?

How can I show my support for ReadItSwapIt?

Like all websites, ReadItSwapIt costs money to run and maintain. But we do not charge a subscription fee and the site is totally free to use.

However if you would like to show your support for ReadItSwapIt there are a couple of things you can do.

Donate to Charity

Consider making a financial donation to one of our favourite charities.


Cancer Research UK

Guide Dogs

Or any other charity of your choice. You will find more here:

Charity Choice

Thank you. By donating your money instead of your books, you have helped charity shops to cut the cost of sorting and selling books while continuing to ensure that the benefits of book-recycling are felt by people all over the world. ReadItSwapIt will not profit in any way from your donation.

Buy From Through Us

If you need to buy anything from please click the logo below to take you to the Amazon website. We will receive a percentage of anything you buy from Amazon after following this link. If you bookmark this page you can come back and click the link any time you want to buy something!

Why doesn't ReadItSwapIt have a credit system?

Swapping on ReadItSwapIt is like swapping with friends. If you like each other's books, you swap. If you don't, either of you can reject the swap.

Many swap sites operate a credit system. That means, instead of swapping books, these sites allow you to swap credits. Any time anyone wants a book of yours, they give you a credit and you post the book out to them. You can then use this credit later to get a book sent to you by someone else.

This sounds great on the surface. But in practice, the problem with this system is that whenever anyone requests any of the books you have registered, you have to post out that book immediately. It doesn't matter how inconvenient it might be for you to get to the post office that week. And what if you go on holiday? You have to let the site know. You have no control over the amount of swaps you make. You could end up acquiring loads of credits but not be able to find any books you like on the site. So you're left with a load of worthless credits, no books and a big postage bill.

This could never happen at ReadItSwapIt. Whenever you post out a book, you immediately get a book in return. You can accept and reject swaps as often as you like - if you go on holiday, the request email just sits in your inbox, waiting for your return.

It's very easy to ensure your swaps don't get rejected by other users. Add lots of books! The more books you add, the more choice other users will have when deciding whether to swap with you. Remember, other users are doing the same - which means more books for everyone.

What impact does ReadItSwapIt have on authors?

We strongly believe that ReadItSwapIt is good for authors for a number of reasons.

Firstly, historical evidence has proved that opening up reading and books to more people benefits the industry. In 1995 the Government legalised book selling below the recommended retail price and online bookshops began to take off. The increase in book availability and reduction in cost has seen book sales soar by 50 per cent and publishing revenue rise by 10 per cent in real terms in a decade.

Secondly, authors are in favour of ReadItSwapIt. Tash Aw, winner of the 2006 Whitbread first novel award, said in a BBC1 Breakfast News interview "It's always best to expose your book to as big an audience as possible, even if they're not buying your book, because you never know where that might lead to. So I think ReadItSwapIt is definitely a very, very good thing."

Finally, ReadItSwapIt not only encourages more people to read, it encourages them to read new kinds of books. By giving people free access to books, people are able to experiment in their reading without financial risk. Our swap recommendations system also encourages readers to try books by authors they might never have considered reading before. This opens up a whole new world of books to people, and what's more, a whole new range of readers for authors.

As an author, expanding your reader base can only be a good thing - not only do you have a wider audience for new books, but there are more readers who can recommend the book to others. Research, published by the National Literacy Trust, has shown that 90 per cent of book purchases are influenced by word of mouth and two out of five adults are encouraged to read a book after receiving tips from friends. So book swapping is actually likely to increase book sales!