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Adding Books

How do I add books to the library?

How many books should I register?

How do I add books to the library?

You can add books at any time through the My Books section.

When adding books make sure you spell the author and title correctly. You cannot update these without deleting the book and starting again.

You must specify the condition that your book is in, and any damage to it. Please see our Condition Guidelines for information on how to classify the condition of your book.

Take time to write the description of your book. This is important as it's your chance to sell your book to other people. Ideas of what you can put in here include:

Next you need to categorise the book as this will decide where it goes in the library. You must choose one category, the second is optional.

Finally you must rate the book. This is purely personal and will not be shared. This rating is used to suggest other books to you - we will try and find people with similar tastes to you and suggest books that they liked.

How many books should I register?

You can register as little or as many books as you like. But remember, the more books you register, the more likely it is that all your swaps will be accepted, as you will be offering other users a wider choice of books. We recommend that you register at least five books.