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A Crown Of Lights by Phil Rickman 

Book Description (see Amazon or Librarything for customer reviews etc):

A modern witch-hunt splits a remote community - in a further challenge for exorcist Rev.Merrily Watkins. A disused church near a Welsh border hamlet has already been sold off by the Church when it's discovered that the new owners are 'pagans' who intend to use the building for their own rituals. The local rector, an extreme evangelical, is appailed and blames these inoffensive middle-class witches for infesting the whole community with evil...even calling in the diocesan exorcist, Rev.Merrily Watkins. An atmosphere of stifling menace develops - with the persecution of innocent people, false accusations, and the formation of a Christian vigilante group. As this cauldron of conflict threatens to boil over into serious violence, Merrily uses all the diplomacy she can muster. But, as the confrontation moves towards its climax at Candlemass, she is unaware of a personal threat against her from a deranged and violent man.

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