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Triffic Chocolate (The Knowledge) by Alan MacDonald 

Book Description (see Amazon or Librarything for customer reviews etc):

Did you know that the first chocolate was taken as a drink by the Aztecs, and that once the Spanish got hold of the recipe they kept the secret to themselves for over 100 years? Or that in the 17th century the clergy denounced drinking chocolate as "the beverage of Satan"?This sparky little book in The Knowledge series takes one of the worlds best-loved foods and dissects the facts and fiction surrounding the discovery and development of a food that has the capacity to lift mood, make a statement and make grown-ups behave like small children if they are left to their own devices in a sweet shop.Triffic Chocolate is a chocoholics dream: and we defy anyone to not head for the nearest chocolate machine as soon as they have finished reading it. --Susan Harrison

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