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5 copies of Shadows Of The Workhouse: The Drama Of Life In Postwar London by Jennifer Worth available for swapping (see below). Click the 'Swap with this member' link to swap. 

Book Description (see Amazon or Librarything for customer reviews etc):

In this follow up to CALL THE MIDWIFE, Jennifer Worth, a midwife working in the docklands area of East London in the 1950s tells more stories about the fascinating people she encountered. There's the story of Jane who cleaned and generally helped out at Nonnatus House - she was taken to the workhouse as a baby and was allegedly the illegitimate daughter of an aristocrat. Peggy and Frank's parents both died within 6 months of each other and the children were left destitute. At the time, there was no other option for them but the workhouse. The Reverend Thornton-Appleby-Thorton, a missionary in Africa, comes to visit the Nonnatus nuns and Sister Julienne acts as matchmaker. And Sister Monica Joan, the eccentric ninety-year-old nun, is accused of shoplifting some small items from the local market. She is let off with a warning, but then Jennifer finds stolen jewels from Hatten Garden in the nun's room. The case is taken to court and Sister Monica Joan becomes a cause celebre. These ... read more

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User: sue1jeffery1  User Rating: 5 (Rated by 369 users)  Super Trooper Swapper! Super Trooper Swapper!  Last logged-in: 14/08/2017

Date added: 20/10/2015  Edition: W&N 2013

User Description: The cover has been slightly damaged, it feels like the laminate is starting to peel off but minor damage only

Book Condition: Acceptable  Book Damage: Other damage

User: angel1969  User Rating: 5 (Rated by 72 users)  Last logged-in: 01/01/2015

Date added: 21/04/2012  Edition: Phoenix 2009

No description

Book Condition: Excellent  Book Damage: Slightly creased spine

User: atkinson17  User Rating: 5 (Rated by 87 users)  Super Swapper! Super Swapper!  Last logged-in: 11/04/2015

Date added: 06/04/2011  Edition: Phoenix 2009

User Description: an excepional read

Book Condition: Like New  Book Damage: Slightly creased spine

User: donna83  User Rating: 5 (Rated by 16 users)  Last logged-in: 31/08/2011

Date added: 01/11/2010  Edition: Phoenix 2009

No description

Book Condition: Good  Book Damage: Slightly creased cover

User: cj3112  User Rating: 0  Last logged-in: 09/12/2009

Date added: 08/12/2009  Edition: Phoenix 2009

No description

Book Condition: Excellent  Book Damage: Slightly creased spine

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